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Business Excellence (BuEx)
Organizations introspect on their business operations, on a periodic basis, to see how they can improve on their customer focus, increase employee productivity, enhance knowledge management, achieve par excellence, to name a few. Through this review process, they can determine their areas of improvement to position better in the market place and deliver better products and services.
Among many areas for improvement, establishing a Center for Business Excellence is one where organizations see value-add and benefits to their business, to their customers and to their employees.
Business Excellence is a set of effective practices in managing the organization and achieving results, based on set of concepts or values.
These practices have evolved into models as to how an organization should operate.
BuEx Model
BuEx model is a framework that can help organization to focus thought and action in a systematic and structured way that should lead to increased performance. The model focuses on all areas and dimensions of an organization, and on factors that drive performance.
Organizations may use BuEx model
  • Formulate Strategy
  • Identify strong and weak areas of practice
  • Continuous Performance improvement
  • Encourage the use of best practices that is beneficial to performance
  • Program Management
to name a few
vEnrichU has expertise and methodology in setting up BuEx as we have
  • Understood business and have setup BuEx for global customers
  • Identified experts teams
  • Ascertained the levels of expertise needed
  • Implemented KM solutions
  • Demonstrated knowledge retention
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Increased business
The nucleus of BuEx model is KenRich, the KM practice that provides value-added services and assists business operations to drive better performance. Click KenRichto know more about it.
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